Photo machine heads maintenance methods
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Photo machine heads maintenance methods!
One. After equipment installation and equipment for the initial stage of the maintenance of the nozzle 1. For best operation of the nozzle into the state, making the device started to undertake the business, be sure to use 1 to 2 days to the maximum extent possible to print some more pictures, the picture is better CMYK4 colors are used, and both sides of the screen must be coupled with C, M, Y, K4 color bars to ensure that the four ink-jet nozzle is always in the state. 2. Printing is best to clean the stations in the far right with its bracket with the moisture out of sponge.

II. Upon completion of each day how the nozzle maintenance, daily completion of all print jobs, in order to make the nozzle in top working condition and avoid solvent evaporation and clogging the nozzle of the ink, press the nozzle is maintained after the following methods to equipment overnight. 1. Turn off the device. 2. First with special cleaning fluid to clean moisture sponge, then pour the cleaning solution to wet the sponge. 3. Will head back to the far right and to the nozzle cleaning station closely with moisture sponge. 4. To maintain this state for the device overnight.
III. Found that slight clogging the nozzle 1 after treatment. In the printing process found clogging the nozzle after a slight hesitation press PAUSE to pause the print job, then vacuum or hand pump so that the ink from the nozzle to the nozzle cleaning, after cleaning with a plastic squeeze bottle to be Some cleaning fluid spray nozzle surface, ink wash away the residue. Note: Do not use too much force when the manual pump, or due to excessive pressure and damage to the nozzle. 2. Timely and decisive and thorough treatment in the long nozzle slightly blocked printing process for keeping the nozzle in top working condition is very important! 3. In addition, it is necessary to carefully examine the situation and look for nozzle clogging the nozzle of the reason.

IV. Inkjet nozzle clogging occurs frequently during the time of treatment 1. Press the PAUSE button to pause the printing job, and then press the PURGE button to move to the left of the head cleaning position. 2. Maintain the device power is turned on, the deputy head control ink tank connected to the board level sensor signal line all pulled. 3. The ink on the nozzle tube (from Vice ink tank) pulled out, then the glass syringe with a special cleaning fluid cleaning nozzle, the method: each with 40ml cleaning fluid, every 10 minutes, a total of 3 to 4 times. 4. After cleaning and re-insert the ink tube liquid level sensor signal line, and then continue the previously paused print job.

V. More effective approach when little or no effect of treatment 1. To remove the nozzle from the nozzle out of the tray. 2. In a clean glass container (eg: beaker) into the amount in the special cleaning fluid to the bottom of the nozzle into the nozzle submerged after 2 ~ 3mm is appropriate, then the glass container with plastic wrap sealed (dustproof) stand for more than 1 day . Note: Do not spray the top of the signal interface contact with cleaning fluid, otherwise it will damage the nozzle. 3. After soaking the nozzle in the print head cleaner into the amount in the special cleaning fluid, then into the bottom of the cleaning fluid nozzle submerged about 2 ~ 3mm, then start the washer, choose a dedicated nozzle cleaner, if the use of general ultrasound cleaner must strictly control the time, to prevent damage to the nozzle. Note: Continuous use of no more than three times cleaner cleaning. 4. 40ml glass syringe with a special cleaning fluid from the upper nozzle for injecting the ink tube inside interface, observe the state of the waterline from the nozzle, if all of the waterline are straight, indicating effective cleaning, the nozzle can continue use (premise: circuit and piezoelectric crystals are intact), if there are still some waterline spray crooked, then subject to Section 2, 3 steps do 2 or 3 times.

VI. Equipment is expected to more than 48 hours of treatment when not in use, if the device is expected to more than 48 hours is not in use, you must clean the ink nozzle, or nozzles in the ink because of the solvent gradually evaporate and dry, serious and even will cause irreversible damage to the nozzle. Approach is as follows: 1. Printer power off. 2. Clean the head to the far left position, the bottom nozzle placed in a corrosion-resistant containers used to hold cleaning waste. 3. Glass syringe or poured directly Vice ink tank ink, and then use special cleaning fluid to clean, Vice ink tank. 4. The ink on the nozzle tube (from Vice ink tank) pulled out, and then use special glass syringe with 40ml cleaning fluid cleaning nozzle, a total of 2 times. Do not head in the final residual cleaning fluid blowing clean, be sure to leave enough of the cleaning fluid within the nozzle, because the cleaning fluid to the nozzles can play a moisturizing effect. 5. Will be treated nozzle into a clean container and corrosion-resistant seal (use plastic wrap on the good) can be stored up after about 1 month. Choose high-quality inkjet ink machine maintenance and cleaning fluid is a prerequisite. In daily use, many of my friends do not know the usual nozzle maintenance methods, and sometimes even lead to unnecessary losses. Here I give you some advice! Many of my friends on the water will spray foam, in fact, this method can be short days, long time is not enough, the nozzle is no doubt in the water can dissolve the ink is water, to achieve smooth results, but we ignore a a very important thing, the nozzle is a heat resistance, long connected with the circuit tape blisters will soften, and some will be parked off aging. Damage to the nozzle will be relatively bigger! Generally block out the nozzle (which is not working days), should gently wipe the nozzle with alcohol, the excess ink agglomeration (crystal) wipe, and then ink devices (manual more suction points, good results) a suction aspiration generally should solve the problem. And there are ink cost reduction, ink manufacturers generally do not smoke do not exist to open the plug blocking the serious situation! We can rest assured! Normal ink problem, draw will play plug, the situation will be irregular block, a wall is not out of off-color. This should be promptly reflected to the ink manufacturers or distributors to know, do not continue to use, so will burn out the nozzle (nozzle circuit because the power will continue to heat, the ink does not end up blocking the circulation, it would head dry!) ​​The block out of the nozzle, the ink used should be the first time to the top of the needle into the ink from the nozzle out of the hole, and some friends will ask, it was not a little ink left in it? Yes, and then took our drink pure water usually added, and then apply again and again shaking out, out of a continuous repeated several times until the water is clean enough, with the ink on the nozzle part of the pumping device click on it, problem solved a! Mentioned did not live dry, spray method of preservation! I am here to tell us something about the usual situations, remember to study! 1, if usually live much, stop playing, and customers can make the nozzle on the machine, as long as when the inkjet paper with the addition of alcohol (a good lint-free) to wipe the nozzle of the crystal block, with the ink look like suction. 2, if not a job, went down for several days or know are not alive, fear nozzle will be aging, I propose to win the nozzle from the machine, we note that sprinklers be placed horizontally (nozzle chip up), so the ink will not out, then wipe the nozzle with alcohol, preferably with ink suction aspiration. Some friends will ask, afraid of aging head for a long time will it? We posted back to the nozzle like a piece of Blue Ribbon! And do not let the nozzle to the sun to. Cleaning nozzle. Adding water to the paste can solve the general head, the ink plug and so on. Ground must be connected properly grounded approach: the photo machine metal body to connect the ground wire (copper wire, diameter 4mm) to connect to 1.5-2m deep underground, surrounded by salt water, separated from the ground and computer ground, not the computers ground wire connected to the photo machine, machine ground through the photo, this computer case power leakage or discharge can damage electrical fittings or photo machine nozzle. Ground benefits include: bulk ink to prevent the nozzle to prevent the car suddenly suspended, and personal safety!

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