How to prolong the life of photo machine heads
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How to prolong the life of photo machine heads:
In some cases, the normal maintenance will be considerably extended nozzle life. If your machine is not a daily photo and a small nozzle on the frame in or not stored properly, the ink will dry and clog the nozzle. Sprinklers may also be due to dirt and scraps of paper or blockage. In rare cases, even the new nozzle will be clogged. Car rack and spray the contacts with contacts on the microarrays may also be due to dry ink, dirt or oil your hands were dirty. These issues will lead to the nozzle and microarrays Inkjet poor quality, such as the emergence of the phenomenon and inkjet strip location is not correct. Under normal circumstances, the use of hand-compensation, a slight congestion problems can be solved (if 20 or less than 20 when the nozzle clogging). But in the end still have to clean the nozzle and microarrays contacts.


To clean the printhead nozzles, you need distilled water, lint-free cloth and wipe a plate.

1, with a cloth soaked in distilled water.

2, the net absorption gently with a damp cloth (do not rub) the nozzle at the bottom of the nozzle 3 to 5 times.

Nozzle to be cleaned of all repeat the process. Each nozzle area should be clean with cloth, to avoid color mixing nozzle. Spray nozzle test to see whether it was blocked. (See Print and interpretation of the initial sample and color test operation, for more information.)

If the blockage persists, you can put a little distilled water and put a small amount of heat in the plate. (To spray on the plate, because the water may leak back into the microarrays, so the water should not exceed the bottom of the 2CM.)

The head upright in warm water.

Wait 30 seconds, then dry the nozzle test.

Each nozzle should be cleaned with water.

In addition, can also be used ultrasonic cleaner cleaning nozzle.

To clean microarrays, require alcohol and cotton swab or lint-free cloth to scrub.

Turn off the photo machine power.

Clear to the wine soaked cloth or cotton /.

Scrub gently behind the head of microarrays, attached to the dirt or ink.

Repeat this for each nozzle process, to ensure that each nozzle is clean with a cloth or a clean cotton swab some scrub.

Small frame out of the nozzle with a clean damp or wet cotton swab gently scrub the contacts with a car rack. After cleaning, fitted with sprinklers, make sure they are seated correctly.

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