Switch to a different ink inkjet photo machine operation when
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Because different chemicals have different ink and different solution composition, regardless of chemical composition on the composition and color composition of the system has a certain distinction, we offer some basic advice for people in the use of reference:
     1 color ink conversion, especially when the pigment to dye conversion, please empty the original ink, cleaning solution or pure water and then clean the pipes, chemicals or ink may be clogging the nozzle from a chemical reaction.

     2 used HP, NovaJet so hot foam machine user, be sure to ink in the air filling empty, otherwise it will cause the ink head air burning, reduce nozzle life, or may cause the ink head is damaged, or print off Mexico .

     3 Using Epson, Mimaki, Mutoh, Roland, etc. Micro Piezo machine users, use new ink, ink for ink head and the need for a fusion of time, occur within a few hours break for the normal test of; as no ink color or all of, or after prolonged use, the phenomenon occurs off the ink, the ink in the ink sac may be insufficient (less than two-thirds) or excessive (substantial) cause, or there is air in the pipe, scraping , waste too much ink causing the ink pad at the deposition; the best air and handled manually emptying pipe ink sac location, and to clean dirty parts.

     4. Piezoelectric best machine to print a test sheet every day, to keep the head moist; long-term shutdown should start once a week to ensure the smooth flow of ink and the ink head pipe area moist.

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