The worlds first 12-color large format Canon IPF9000 on photo machine --- In October grand public
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August 31, 2006 (Beijing) - Canon (China) Business Imaging Solutions Division launched a new 12-color pigment ink, so that high-quality art print large-format inkjet printers as possible "imagePROGRAF" series "iPF9000", " iPF5000 "and" iPF700/iPF600/iPF500 "a total of five products.
Began in September 2006, Canon (China) will begin selling large-format inkjet printers "imagePROGRAF series" New Products: sharp images for photo, art market, 60-inch format "iPF9000" and 17-inch (A2 +)-format "iPF5000 "; for CAD / GIS (geographic information system), posters, stickers general business office needs a broad range of output areas" iPF700/iPF600/iPF500 ". More new products to further improve the Canon large format inkjet printer product line.
Corresponding to 60 inches-format "iPF9000" Canon large format inkjet printer "imagePROGRAF" series flagship model. Corresponding to 17 inches (A2 +)-format "iPF5000", is a significant image for the photo / art, posters, proofing, etc. Graphic Art markets, the quality, reliability, operability are greatly improved models.
Based on the use of "LUCIA" pigment ink 12-color pigment ink system, and high-density print head technology, FINE (Full-photolithography Inkjet Nozzle Engineering), achieved by the 2,560 nozzles per color 30,720 nozzles total minimum 4pl of tiny ink ejected drops, so as to achieve a 2,400 × 1,200 dpi maximum resolution of the same level. Equipped with high-speed image processor, "L-COA", to achieve a high quality and high speed output to enhance the synchronization. Moreover, the three primary colors of light through the same with the RGB (red, green, blue) characteristics of ink, and two kinds of shades of gray inks used to achieve a wider gamut of color reproduction, sharper and more brilliant color performance high-level sense. Plus, 700ml and 330ml are two optional high-capacity ink cartridges use high-capacity hard disk loading (only "iPF9000"), auto-reel standard configuration, the use of large LCD control panel, etc., have on The output of a large number of output operations centers require high reliability and high maneuverability.
New large-format inkjet printers "iPF700/iPF600/iPF500", corresponding to A0 +, A1 +, A2 + format width. 5-color "anti-dye pigments penetrate new ink", which is a newly developed four-color dye ink high durability on the basis of an increase of matte black pigment ink. Also carry high-density print head technology, "FINE" and the new high-speed image processor, "L-COA". More comprehensive application of technology to achieve high quality and high speed output to enhance the synchronization. Based on the "infiltration of Mexican anti-technology" application, can effectively reduce the spread of color dye ink phenomenon, can be combined with black text, clear lines and print the "new text / line sharpening technology," a high degree of image processing techniques such as extensive use, implementation of CAD, posters, stickers and other applications perfect output.
In addition, through the matte black ink nozzles of 5120, every other color of the 2560 total of 15,360 nozzles of the nozzle number, and true 1200dpi print head is equipped with high precision to achieve the A0 format 1.1 minutes of high-speed output. Meanwhile, 130ml large capacity ink cartridges and four kinds of methods for high production of paper and high operability possible.
New five kinds of models, all with a variety of sizes borderless printing function, the standard will significantly enhance interoperability with editing the "PosterArtist 2006" software, to further strengthen the production of posters and stickers simple functions. Moreover, by can be Microsoft Word, Excel, Adobe Acrobat and other applications while making the data read and the layout of the "free layout" function, and Canon scanner, laminating machine, etc. to expand the reading of the original print output of the "extended copy" and many other features used to achieve easy large-format output. In addition, high-performance cutter and nozzle equipped with automatic compensation system, e-mail notification function remote control, both the business office area of ​​high productivity, high reliability, high operational demand. Video output for CAD and provide a wealth of market software solutions for a variety of printing needs

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